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If you are looking at ways to save money on fuel (up to 15%) or maybe you are in need of more power (up to 35% extra) from your Car, Van or Motor-home, you need not look any further!

We can help your vehicle to be much easier, safer and more potent to dive. This is done by reading the ECU's original factory settings (using the most up to date Hardware), then modifying the code with settings that are optimized to produce more power and MPG while still retaining all important safety parameters and allowing the vehicle to be better to drive than it was previously


This service is ONLY done by using your vehicle's own ECU file, which is then edited and uploaded back onto the vehicle to your very own requirements. We can offer you with a power-map (giving maximum performance increase), an eco-map (giving the smoothest power curve for optimum economy) or a mix of the two, offering both extra performance whilst making the vehicle very smooth under acceleration and therefore increasing the mpg too. We can have DPF and EGR valves used less or coded out altogether if required.


We can also cater for the vast majority of cars, vans and motor-homes on the UK's roads today, whether this is for easier towing, quicker 0-60mph or just a nicer drive. We can increase, or remove completely the rev-limiter on most cars and can allow increased engine performance from mild modifications, de-cats, and upgraded turbot’s/superchargers etc. Prices start from just 150
all remaps performed are covered by a 7 day money back guarantee and the software installed is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.


Achieve better Miles to the Gallon (MPG), up to 15% more

Lower the CO2 amount that is produced by the engine

Get the most out of your additional Modifications (Induction kits/de-cats etc)

Stage 2 upwards catered for

DPF/FAP Removal at competitive prices

Towing/Economy/Fast Road

Easier and Safer over-taking

Diagnose any ECU fault/issue

Remove warning lights etc

Code new keys/clocks etc

VAG group specialist