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Immobiliser Defeat

Deactivation of the factory engine immobiliser. This is required if you are doing an engine conversion.

Until now enthusiasts who wanted to put a modern engine into an older vehicle had to rely on either installing the donor vehicle's instrument cluster and associated immobiliser components which rarely fit and take up many laborious hours, or instead purchase costly aftermarket management systems which had the downside of loss of reliability, driveability and power.

Immobiliser Defeat allows you to effectively turn off the Immobiliser function within the ECU without all this hassle and allows the use of the standard ECU, wiring looms and the original sensors. Used in conjunction with a  Re-map a faster, more reliable and leaner result will be achieved. EU Tuning can also offer LAMBDA defeat which can be used to eliminate the need for Cats, along with many other modification options to insure you're vehicle runs to its potential.

For enquiries on Immobiliser Defeat or any of the other modifications talked about here contact us, we can give advice on the best solutions for your specific needs and tailor our service around your specific needs.


VAG services

We are able to code new keys, do ECU swaps, Instrument cluster swaps amongst many other things to your VAG car.

Using specialist VAG equipment we have the ability to replace faulty ECU's or reprogram ECU's for use in an engine transplant vehicle.

Key Matching

Coding of a new key to your vehicle 30.00

ECU Coding

Coding a new ECU to your vehicle. Contact us for details and pricing.

Cruise Control Fitting

Retro-fit Cruise Control to your vehicle. If your vehicle does not have cruise control fitted and you would like it, then we can supply, fit and enable this for your VAG vehicle. With prices from 90.00 please contact us for details.

Control Module Coding

The modern VAG range of vehicles have a "Comfort Control" module fitted. This controls many of the features on the vehicle, such as central locking behaviour and having the lights come on when the vehicle is unlocked. If you would like to change these or other features then we charge 10 or free with a Diagnostic Scan.

Data Logging

If you do not think that your car is running as it should, then we will be able to some data logging runs which will enable us to take a look at what the engine is doing and advise you if any work needs doing.


PIN/SKC Retrieval

If you do not have your vehicles PIN code or SKC code then we will need to retrieve it from the ECU. This is required to code new keys, swap ECUs and change instrument clusters.


Lambda / Cat Removal

Fitted a de-cat pipe? Need the Lambda sensor(s) disabling?

If you have fitted a de-cat pipe you may need a map to make the most of removing it.

You may also need to have the lambda sensors disabled, especially if they have not been able to be re-fitted.

Contact us for details and prices



DPF Removal

DPF issues / failure?


What is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?

A Diesel Particulate Filter, often referred to as the DPF is a device designed and integrated into the Diesel Engine exhaust systems to trap & remove Diesel Particulate Matter or Soot from the exhaust gasses of the diesel engine. Much like the Catalytic Converter of conventional petrol engines, the Diesel Particulate Filter works to remove harmful toxins and lower the emissions of your diesel engine making it more environmentally friendly. These are fitted to most modern common rail turbo diesel vehicles.

The aim is to remove 80% in the average diesel particulate (soot) emissions and although a great concept, it brings about a whole new line of problems. We’re taking calls all day from anxious customers and garages across the country when their DPF (diesel particulate filter) light is illuminated on the dash, indicating that there is at least a partial blockage in the DPF system.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) has become a very common failure on later model Diesel cars as they get blocked up and fail.

Contact us today so that we can discuss the removal of the DPF from your vehicle.

DPF removal is legal and your vehicle will still pass a UK MOT.


Alpha N / MAF Removal

Need to remove your MAF sensor?

All modern cars which run with MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensors to monitor the air flow in vehicles run a backup default system in case MAF fails called Alpha N. Alpha N on it’s own is a very crude form of throttle timing control which when used without MAF leads to inaccurate fuel timing, increased fuel consumption and emissions. Using the OBD port the Alpha N system in the vehicles ECU can be programmed to work as well without the MAF sensor as with.

Cars that have had major performance changes made to the engine meaning much greater air flow than the MAF sensor can handle often need to work solely off Alpha N. We can reprogram the ECU to work at optimal standards and turn off the MAF which will only hold the vehicle back if the air flow readings are too high or out of range, also if the MAF housing is restrictive in size for major conversions and needs to be changed for a larger diameter we can offer rescaling of the MAF tables, these are two options, for all out race performance we recommend Alpha N, for modified road cars we recommend first looking at MAF rescaling due to idle control which is not so good running Alpha N, many other tuners forget to tell you this!

Contact Us for details.

Immo off for engine conversions or ecu swaps

DPF/FAP delete, save 1000's over fitting a new dpf when yours has failed.

VAG module coding, system activation, ECM swaps, PIN code reading.

Instrument cluster swaps and recoding

BMW module coding/swaping activation

Key Coding, immo matching.